Controlling Nginx from command line

Just learnt of this, that Nginx can be controlled from command line, or more specifically by sending signals to the process, for example:
kill -USR1 `cat /path/to/`
causes Nginx to reopen log files, suitable for a log rotation job.

The reference can be found at the wiki

Just a quick list of other stuff that you can send signals to Nginx to do:

  • TERM, INT => quick shutdown
  • QUIT => graceful shutdown
  • HUP => reloads configuration
  • USR1 => reopens log files
  • USR2 => upgrades the executable on the fly
  • WINCH => gracefully shutdown worker processes

There’re some instructions on how to do various stuffs so do check it out.

Thanks to Jim Ohlstein and 张立冰 for pointing this out.


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