Watched this show FireProof after the marriage seminar we had in church today.  Plenty to think about and to work on after today.  The same truths about marriage strike home differently when you’ve made the mistakes yourself, heh.  Thankfully all is not lost, and we’re both able and willing to work on our faults.

About the movie, the story centers on the lives of a married fireman and hospital PR officer, whose marriage after seven years is in danger of being destroyed, and how with some much needed help things get resolved: both for their marriage, and their lives.

One of the phrases that hit me the most as the fireman was facing the most difficult times in trying to reconcile with the wife was this, cried out in frustration and despair:

How am I supposed to show love to somebody who constantly rejects me?

Well, no spoilers to be found here.  Watch it with your (christian or non-christian) friends, family, spouse, and talk about it 😉


One thought on “FireProof”

  1. There are others in the series, Facing the Giants, Flywheel, Letters to God. Fireproof is good too, very apt for couples!! 🙂

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