Finexis’ new tactic: Social Engineering

Just got a call from Finexis, trying to get/trick me into going down to talk to their financial consultants. They are now trying to do so by saying that there’s been some changes to their(implied: your) policies, and want you do go down for a session with them.

Problem is, I don’t have any policies with them 😀 Well, one more number (6341 5315) in my blacklist.

Do be warned.

For the curious, our conversation went like this:

Her: Hi, may I speak to Ray?
(note that she already has my name, so I continue to talk to her, for now)

Me: Yeah, what’s up?

Her: I’m calling from Finexis. There’s been a change with some of our policies…

Me: Huh? But do I have any plans with Finexis?
(I know I don’t)

Her: Errr…no.. But we’d like to invite you down to have a talk with one of our financial consultants on this.

Me: (laughs) No thanks 😀 *hangs up*

7 thoughts on “Finexis’ new tactic: Social Engineering”

  1. MLM? no lah finexis is a FA firm, if you dunno abt the financial industry. but yah lah, nowadays banks & such companies r coming up w/ many ways to get ppl down to meet them or buy something. kinda tough for them also coz s’poreans getting very cautious. can understand how u guys feel; i also will decline their offer esp if they’re trying to trick me… yah just be upfront abt the objective of the call …

    1. Counter-intuitively, I think it might work if the roadshow/telephone people are less rude (read: overly pushy) and more honest. It does for me at least.

      Good thing those who weren’t that rude/dishonest were those who really needed the money; they were collecting for charities…

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