Up and Coming: Detecting Malice

Detecting Malice
Detecting Malice

Next book to read: RSnake’s Detecting Malice e-book.

Every day hackers are stealing millions from websites and this is the book that will help you detect it happening on yours. Detecting Malice was written to help website administrators, developers, operations personelle and security product managers in building and maintaining a higher security posture. Understanding user intent is the cornerstone for reducing fraud ratios in modern web applications. From retail to government, this book covers many different realms of fraud and how to detect it at many different technical layers. From DNS and TCP to embedded content and browser fingerprinting techniques it is possible to identify users who are most likely to become dangerous often before it actually happens. A plethora of tools and techniques are all available to you within the 300+ pages of this book.

Available for only USD$39.95, and free future updates for this book too 😉


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