New project coming up

Going to provide a trial run of a free (/donor-ware) service for people pretty soon, which is targeted at those who have to access the internet via public wifi hotspots.

Using a combination of easily available/open-source/free tools, it would provide pretty good basic protection against network sniffers/attackers for thse folks.

Why free/donor-ware?  I’m not looking to earn big bucks (if at all) out of this, probably just enough to cover the running costs would be nice.  And this project would be more of a learning experience for me rather than a business opportunity.

More details to be released soon, thanks to those who’ve responded to my initial call for trial helpers!


2 thoughts on “New project coming up”

    1. Hey man, yeps I can include you too, just PM me with the OS that you’ll be using this service for so that I can prep the correct instructions for you too.

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