So THAT’S how they do that!

GravatarHave always wondered how those people commenting in various WordPress blogs get to have their own custom avatar. Now I do know how…

Somehow chanced upon this site ( which allows you to set a custom avatar, so that when you comment on supported platforms like WordPress, it appears along with your comment. Neat huh?

How you use it is like this:
1. You register for a Gravatar account.

2. You tie one (or more) email address(es) to that Gravatar account.

3. You upload avatar(s) into your Gravatar account.

4. You tie the avatar(s) to the email address(es) in Gravatar.

5. Go to the (WordPress) blog post and add a comment. You need to fill in the email address to be the same as one of those you registered into Gravatar.

6. The corresponding Gravatar appears along with your comment!


3 thoughts on “So THAT’S how they do that!”

  1. Haha. I got a gravatar too. It’s quite long since they started it. The troublesome thing is to find a theme which supports it.

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