End of hiatus

After the exceedingly long undeclared hiatus, have finally decided to “come back”. Am definitely far from being compared (literally) with the prodigal son though. Realized that I now know what it’s like to have some head knowledge still, but have the heart and everything else dying.

Though some of the problems remain, it is not true that time is necessary to solve them. Some problems take more than just time to be resolved. In fact, other issues start to creep in from “stopping” for extended periods of time.

No teacher today will ever be able to boast a perfect life (on a clear conscience), but it is important to change ways and thoughts that are wrong as they encounter the Word for themselves.

Some goals that are set for the short and long term:
– to turn back to being serious about understanding what God has to say via Scriptures.
– to take repentance seriously. Hearing but not doing doesn’t cut it.
– to see how teaching can be done as accurately as possible to what the Author intended. Involves both the bible study, and the living it out and interactions with others too.

May God help me not continue to make a mockery of Jesus’ substitutionary death for us.


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