Not all “China-men” are like that

We tend to not like the foreigners in our midst. If you go on Facebook/Twitter you would see that there is dissent against them in general (by the more vocal crowd), particularly those from China.

Though I don’t like the more unlikeable aspects of their behaviour: the spitting, brash talking in public, the very ungracious shoving in and cutting of queues (wait a minute, it sounds like many of the Singaporean aunties/uncles we have too…), I’d say that not all of them deserve to be evicted for not acting like how we’d want them too. 😛

Been seeing more and more of these foreigners working here. An encounter I had was when I was getting a screen protector for my iPod touch (top floor stall in Bishan Junction 8). Knowing fully well the pains of applying a protector I got him to do it for me. This guy does it the way it’s supposed to be (cleaning the screen with alcohol first, etc), then proceeds to apply the protector. Then he realized that there’s this small air bubble trapped underneath that cannot be removed, and proceeds to get out another one to reapply. And I didn’t even mind about that bubble, heh. I left the stall thinking that we’d expect them to just try to pass it off as normal instead. Good/honest service, probably even beyond what we’d get from some Singaporeans nowadays. He certainly deserve to earn his keep/living, though the charge for the protector+application might seem a bit steep.

Perhaps if we’re willing to tolerate the idiosyncrasies/idiocies of the uncles/aunties in our midst, maybe we could also accept these foreigners in our midst as well? Many of them are here to earn a honest living after all. I know that to be true of many other PRC students here as well.


3 thoughts on “Not all “China-men” are like that”

  1. i like this post. i think the media have given a very unfair and sensationalized portrayal of foreigners in this country. i personally feel that there are cheats, dishonest people, and criminals in every country, and these may be citizens, not just people who are immigrants or those who come here to look for a living.

    i personally have worked with many foreigners, from malaysia, PRC, philippines and india, and most of my experience with them have been great. especially during my days as HR exec in a manufacturing company.. a lot of these blue collar workers jus wanna earn a living, they don’t mean harm to anyone here, n they are, in fact, very kind people too. 🙂 so i just can’t tolerate it whn people pass generalizing, discriminating remarks (nothing to do with the fact that i’m not local either) haha.. actually i just don’t like discrimination of any sort. 😛

    1. Thanks for dropping by and commenting Hello Kitty, err, Daphne 🙂

      Humans are generally tended to not like those different from themselves, or at least different from what they perceive themselves to be.

      This probably isn’t a very popular post, but I was thinking what the heck, I’ll still write this post anyway 😉

      1. i appreciate people who stand up and question why people do / think certain things, instead of doing the flock-mentality thing. 🙂 good night, ray! don’t be a panda in the office tmr! 😉

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