DNS tracking with Python

For those who have need to keep track of changes (IP address changes and “status”) of a list of DNS hosts/addresses, I wrote a Python script to help with this task.

Please help by providing comments/ideas for improvement/thanks/death-threats in the comments section below.  Ok, maybe not the death-threats. 😉

Download and License

The current version of this script is v1.03, released under the GPL license.  Click here to download it.

This software is licensed under the CC-GNU GPL version 2.0 or later.

What it can do/Features:

  • Keep track of changes (IP addresses, status: existent/gone) to a list of specified domains
  • Resolve many many many domains into a greppable format for you!
  • Multithreaded in Python
  • Does logging to a logfile, and to console at the same time
  • Configurable to a certain extent

How to get and use:

  • Install the PyDNS library found in the Python Package Index, hosted at SourceForge
  • Grab a copy from the download section above and extract the script out
  • Configure the script if you need to (see below)
  • Create a text file named dns-list.txt in the same folder as the dns_tracker.py script, list the DNS hosts that you want to track in the dns-list.txt file, one host per line
  • Run the script from command line: python dns_tracker.py.  The log file written to would be called dns-track.log
  • Profit!
  • You can stop the script by pressing Ctrl-C in the console ONCE.  It will attempt to kill off the waiting threads and exit gracefully.

What you can configure:

  • All the editable options are in the section marked ##Editable options.  Some of the options are…
  • Use system configured resolvers: set ‘use_server’: False,
  • Use a DNS resolver of your choice: set ‘use_server’: True, and also ‘server’: ‘<your resolver>’,
  • The logfile name can be changed too ‘logfile’: ‘dns-track.log’,


    • v1.03 (15 Aug 2010)
  • fixed logging hierarchy!  now we can control console and file log levels!
    • v1.02 (10 Aug 2010)
  • added SERVFAIL to recognise as possible status
  • changed DNS resolving fail behaviour: retry 1min later
  • changed monitoring start behaviour (faster by using threads)
  • orphaned threads will also stop themselves if the main thread’s killed
    • v1.01 (3 Aug 2010)
  • demarcated editable options section (“##Editable options”)
  • changed logging to append instead of overwriting existing log
  • remember that CNAMEs are also extracted for comparison of changes
  • added in minimum delay checks to account for CNAMEs’ TTL being 0
  • adjusted logging levels for logfile, console still outputs everything
    • v1.00 (2 Aug 2010)
  • initial release!


  • Perhaps migrating configurable options out to command line parameters
    or a separate config file?

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