Spiritual Gifts: From one God, for the one Body

From 1 Corinthians 12:

All who who declare that “Jesus is Lord!” has the Spirit in them.  And it is the Spirit that gives different gifts to different believers as he pleases (hence the term spiritual gifts).  These gifts could also be used outside the church (e.g. skills, character), but they are primarily meant to be exercised for the common good of the church.  Since the source and goal of the gifts are the same for all, the gifts do not determine the value of every individual believer.

Within the church every believer is put in a different position within the church for different functions, just as the body has different parts with different functions.  Every part within the body is important, likewise, every believer within the church is important.  And like the body where every members’ suffering and wellbeing is linked with each other, the members of the church are also supposed to be where one rejoices, everyone rejoices together, and vice versa.

The point of the God-given gift(s) cannot be for the pride/glory of the individual, but rather it must always be seen as something to be used for the good of the whole family, and that each person has his/her equally important place within the whole.


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