Got Spam?

I want spam!

Looking for samples of a particular type of spam, please help!

The kind of spam I’m looking for is a specific type, so please read on first!

The spam mail has to fulfil these criteria:

  1. Sent from a free webmail provider (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail/MSN, etc).
  2. Sent from an email address/friend/person that you know (i.e. they likely have your email address in their address book).
  3. Has a “blank” email subject (this shows up as “(no subject)” in Gmail for example).
  4. The body/content of the email appears to contain only one link, or very little content.

If you have received such emails, you can help by sending the headers and “raw” content to me.  Both usually can be obtained when viewing the email headers (Gmail example: click on the down arrow at the top right corner of the email, select “Show original”).  Just copy and paste the entire headers and content into a text file and send to as an attachment.

If you’re afraid that I might misuse the email addresses (don’t worry, I’m not a spammer… 😛 ), feel free to obfuscate the email addresses before sending it out to me.  I only request that you at least indicate the webmail domain portion of the email address that sent you that spam mail.

Any clarifications, please post in the comments section below.  Thanks a lot!

Example of what this particular spam looks like (the content would differ) (click to enlarge)
The “raw” email headers and content (just a whole lot of “text”!) (click to enlarge)

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