After the camp

It’s been two days since the camp ended. Still running through what we learnt from Amos. There’re things/lifestyles to be changed. Yes, even for the likes of me…or rather, especially the likes of me.

A quick recap on the main points from Amos (at least from what I could grasp and write down):

1) The higher standards of judgement for those that God had saved.

2) Warnings against the failings of Israel in the past…and what we can do today too:
– injustice, partiality, inequality, perversion of the laws of the land
– not looking out for the poor,weak and downtrodden
– gross self indulgence and selfishness, especially at the expense of the already poor
(the prior few basically showing love only for self, and epic disregard for the fate of others)
showing the facade of religiosity without any heart underneath it
– not recognizing that God’s grace, the gospel, is available to all
– (related to the prior) pride in thinking that God’s grace is exclusive to ourselves
– pride: a fundamental attack on God’s provision. Forgetting God’s work, and thinking that what we have (especially salvation) as Christians was earned by our own efforts
– lulling into complacency, such that shock tactics are actually needed to “get to you”

3) God’s character traits:
– mercy shown in the punishment of His people; to turn the wayward back around before it’s too late
– absolute power and authority: He’s able to judge His own people as much as He can judge those who rebel against Him

4) Refuge found only in God. “Seek the LORD and live…” Amos 5:6a. Seek good, not evil. Hate evil, and love good. Only truly found in Christ.

5) Hope, arising from God’s faithfulness to His promises made in the past. Christ ushered in the fulfillment of the promises made by God; we Gentiles are the nations brought to Him because of the Cross. God will fulfill the promises that He made, as recorded in Scripture. Regardless of human sin, and even making use of it in the grand scheme of things to fulfill His promises.

I have a lot of changing to do…but that is good, because not too long back I was almost begging for change to happen. I was almost at the end of my own rope…


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