Those Darned Telemarketers

Beware of the Wily Old Fox

Social engineering, … is understood to mean the art of manipulating people into performing actions…

Yet another example today of a stupidly simple, yet effective and easy to pull off trick that telemarketers use: pretending that you have “won” or are entitled to Something Good (which probably isn’t). Not as if someone else has not tried this before.

Got a call from 65345723, masquerading as someone from UOB this time.

Miss T: Hello, I’m calling from UOB. Would like to ask you if you’ve done your holiday resort redemption yet?
Me: Huh? What’s that about?
Miss T: Oh, I guess you have not done it yet. You see, we have this redemption thing for UOB members, you just need to come over to UOB tower…
Me: (smiling at this point) Oh…but I don’t have an UOB account, heh.
Miss T: Oh…ok then. *hangs up*

In this case, the tactic being used is called “pretexting“. Plenty of (email) spammers use this trick too, usually trying their luck at impersonating emails from a range of popular social networks and banking services in the hope of getting you to click on a bad link.

This number 65345723 has been flagged by others for calling on behalf of (or pretending to be, I don’t know which is it) other parties like a travel agency (hmmm, “holiday resort redemption”?) and another bank (OCBC) claiming a win of a tablet PC. These folks are really unscrupulous…

Oh well, yet another number to add to my Do Not Answer list.

One thought on “Those Darned Telemarketers”

  1. I certainly agree to you. These violators shouldn’t be allowed to run business. I’ve received a lot of calls like that where they tell you you’re getting something for free but turns out you’re getting charged after all. And what’s worse, the charge is a whole lot bigger than what’s supposed to be because these sellers added add-ons to the deal without telling you. And it’s not only me. You’d find a lot of other complaints posted at from consumers who were misled, too.

    And I am really amazed at how these scammers are able to get away with it so easily.

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