AfterShokz Bluez: a rather badly designed product


I got the AfterShokz Bluez as a birthday gift to myself in preparation for longer distance runs. The open-ear jawbone conduction concept is great for safe running in the streets (and on routes shared with cyclists), and the sound quality’s not too bad. Hearing both the surroundings and music at the same time took a little getting used to, but that’s no biggie. Bluetooth connectivity meant no wires too.

The issue with the Bluez, is that this product is NOT waterproof, and the electronics die off when too moist/damp, leaving you high and dry (wet) without any music for the rest of your workout. Although they mostly work again after drying them out, but to have them fail in the midst of a run is rather surprising, and unpleasant.

This is a sport-related product, which makes it rather ironic for it to die off from exposure to rain and sweat! After one RMA with the distributor, my second set had just died again…

Until there’s a redesign and improvement of the Bluez on its waterproofing, I suggest that you don’t buy this one. And if I/someone can’t figure out a way to waterproof this reliably (first round of using silicon waterproofing gel didn’t work), not that the customer should be worrying about such things, I might want to get this returned/refunded for good man. It is a failed product in any case.

Hope the Bluez gets improved, I really like the idea of a bluetooth jawbone conduction headphones set. I’m definitely not smiling like this lady in their sales pic.



Dumb and Dumber Singaporean Reactions to the Haze

This is simply gold. Had to reblog this one.

In times of crisis, how a country reacts speaks volumes about its people and its character. I am sad to say that many online reactions to the unprecedented haze does not bode well for the country’s future.

Why isn’t there a stop work order? Gahmen only care about economy and not its people!

This is the most common complaint, but there is a key piece of information missing in every complaint. Nobody backs up their complaint with how other countries react if the air quality is really bad. A quick online search tells us why:

  • On Wikipedia, there is only one case where a state of emergency is declared. If the API in Malaysia exceeds 500, then “non-essential government services are suspended, and…

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