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The Challenge of Colossians

Colossians 3-4:1 is a pretty simple to understand section of the letter, coming from the implications/application of the preceeding chapters. Provided you understand and have come to believe in it (the preceeding chapters) of course.

One thing that strikes me now as I study and think things over is this: if these things are an implication of what the Cross had achieved for us all, then what does my difference in thoughts/actions speak about what I truly believe?

Not that doing/thinking things like this would save us, but there’s a certain manner to live if we’ve come to realize and accept the gravity of the situation we were in, and how great the gift that plucked us from the jaws of death.

Have a lot to change…and would need all the help (from God and those around me) I can get to remember daily…and act accordingly.