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After diving

The PADI Open Water course really opened my eyes to a whole new world: one where we not only can move front, back, left, right, but up and down too…  I already like diving a LOT just after this trip 😛

On a more serious note, we (the group) made new friends, and I was really very encouraged seeing how the fellow brothers and sisters acted, and talked in such a setting.  Changes will have to be made by me personally too..

Recovered mostly from the chicken pox that appeared on the last day of the trip (started to run fevers and whatnot on the trip back to SG), though will need a few more days to be “presentable” enough to get out of the house again..  A good extended break in a way, though I think my colleagues don’t agree with that point necessarily!

Can’t wait to get back to work, and to restart in certain areas of my life.