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How a visit to the pub with friends ends up in a sleepless night

Did you know that humans are naturally bad at sensing probability?

Dropped by a pub with some (good) friends for a short while of drinks and games, where this game was introduced for the first time to me.  It’s called the “Guessing Game”, where basically each participant has a cup of five dice each, and after shaking it, looks at his/her own dice combination, comes up with guesses on how many dice there are at least of a certain number (1-6).  Forfeits are dealt accordingly to those who were found to have guessed wrongly, or have wrongly tried to catch someone else’s guess.

The first thing my mind came to was how to win this game?  And being a maths geek it certainly didn’t help when the game involved dice. 😀 Nonetheless I hope I still get invited to go out (drinking or otherwise) with them. :S

(If you do not wish to see how a good social game is ruined/analyzed to death by a geek, you should stop reading here.  And I am not responsible for your shunning if you use this eventually for your “unfair” advantage 🙂 )

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Ok, I probably didn’t put the point across properly previously, so let’s try again:

For those who do use public WiFi, here’s a good chance to protect your web traffic from sniffers at ZERO MINIMUM COST! 🙂

For more details contact me at secureme{@T}rayfoo[dot]info or you could read another really lengthy post here.

SecureMe: starting off

Am starting off with SecureMe for the more technically inclined.

(Heh, it’s pretty fun to be typing this from outside whilst using SecureMe.  But that’s not the point.)

If you’re ok/familiar with installing + basic configuration of software (namely an OpenVPN client) and know how to configure your browser to use proxies, you’re the guys/gals I’m looking for!

Let me know if you wish to have a VPN + proxy + DNS resolver service for no minimum cost (read: donorware should you feel like it).  Am limiting this offer to the first two people for now.  (The same offer still stands for those who’ve responded to my earlier call for helpers, so don’t worry.)

The only things I need of you:

1) you need to be savvy enough to at least know how to install stuff on your computer, and to configure your browser

2) also, it would be good if you can help me in my efforts to make his easier for the less technically inclined.  Not a requirement though 😛

So…let me know if you want to try this out for free!  I promise to keep it free/donorware for these two respondents as long as I can run this service 😉

You can contact me via Twitter or Facebook (you should be able to find the links at least), or if you’re paranoid enough not to use these services you could alternatively email me at secureme{@T}rayfoo[dot]info and I’ll get back to ya asap.