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Visualizing Data (using Processing)

Visualizing Data, by Ben Fry (O’Reilly)
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One of my interests has always been in data visualization (makes data more understandable, and is one step towards easier interaction with it). Chanced upon this book at the library today, certainly one thing I’d like to look into in more detail at a later point in time.

Why this book caught my interest was the fact that there was another book on such a topic in itself. Other than Applied Security Visualization by Raffael Marty, I’ve yet to chance upon anything else.

A quick browse of the book showed that it’s very possible to use Processing (yet another good reason to take up this book: simple programming!) to implement many of the data visualization concepts. Though many people would say that this is “raw” and “slow” as compared to having a tool to do this simply and quickly, I’d say that doing it this way would certainly give the user a great understanding of the data visualization process itself. Furthermore, who’s to say that Processing’s not the tool itself! 😛 Also, the author has helpfully made the source code examples available online at his blog too.

Will keep this book in mind to look at later. Have other books to go through first… :}