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Teaching kids real math with computers

Math (and its education) has always been a topic of great interest to me, since it’s the underlying workings of so many things we encounter out in the real world.  In his TEDTalk, Conrad Wolfram (who runs Wolfram Research) argues for the case of keeping math education in line with the times: using computers to do the calculations as we usually do in real world applications, and focusing education on understanding the underlying concepts mainly.  The comments sure add a whole lot more depth to the topic at hand, be sure to take a look at them too!

[via TEDTalks]

Technology as it really should be like

Pranav Mistry TED SixthSenseIf technology is supposed to enhance the way we do things, rather than force people to move away from the “usual” way of doing things, then SixthSense is definitely moving in the right direction in terms of portable device interfaces: using technology to augment our interactions with the physical world, yet without having to make robots/cyborgs out of people like in the world of Ghost In The Shell.

Pranav Mistry demoed the SixthSense technology at the recent TEDIndia conference.  If you’re a designer, technologist, geek or even just a layman, you really should look at this.

(SixthSense was also talked about in TED by Patty Maes and Pranav in the video posted March 2009.)

The first part of the video may be boring to some, but hang on, it gets pretty exciting when he shows what it could be capable of.